Advanced Natural Leadership


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This unique 9-month cohort experience provides a group learning and support system and requires a longer and deeper commitment to Natural Leadership training. This group will have its own learning platform with the whole library of Natural Leadership content, which means you will have in depth access to the entire model. $800 per month for 9 months.

The objective of this group is to take the model and use it in our personal and professional lives. Each month, the group will apply the Natural Leadership model and core concepts to specific relational scenarios. This applied learning will allow you to deeply and practically learn how the model comes to life close to home in families, parenting, friendships, and romantic partnerships, AND you will apply the model to work teams, classrooms, corporate organizations, and social systems. 

Throughout the program you will learn how to use the model to plan and design activities in all aspects of human life. This will change the way you take care of yourself, manage your life, make choices in your relationships, lead others, coach, teach, and facilitate. 

We will also cover business development, legal and ethical issues, role clarity, assessing systems, how to scope and create programs, marketing, and the best ways to integrate the Natural Leadership model with others while respecting already existing cultures.

Continue Natural Leadership Training

This course is designed for students who have already completed the Introduction to Natural Leadership and wish to:

  • Stay involved with the Circle Up community for support, learning, practice, and engaging with new content.

  • Continue to integrate and apply Natural Leadership concepts to work and personal life.

  • Continue to integrate and apply Natural Leadership concepts to work and personal life.

  • Become part of the Circle Up team which allows people to use Circle Up infrastructure and brand to host workshops, classes, and programs, as well as being part of a team of providers who are hired as contractors to assist with Circle Up workshops and longer term coaching and consultation projects.

Keep in mind that Natural Leadership can be used in nearly every aspect of personal and professional life. Though you may learn through nature-based training and equine experiences, our previous students have gone on to use the Natural Leadership concepts and tools with their teams, corporations, classrooms, outdoor education groups, families, therapy practices, and more. 

Our live discussions and coaching will focus on real-life examples, experiential work, practicing skills, and role playing. You will come to the group with materials prepared and scenarios to work through. Video or audio footage for consultation will be welcomed. Because students will already have experience with the core concepts of the model, this group can focus on the integration and application of Natural Leadership, honing facilitation, conceptualization, leading, and coaching skills. This group will be facilitated by Beth.


To complete the Advanced Natural Leadership certification, students will:

  • Complete all of the learning modules.

  • Complete and submit all of the exercises.

  • Present real life/client scenarios to the group.

  • Engage with Beth (included in price) for at least 3 coaching sessions which you can use for your own personal development or for professional guidance as you are bringing the Natural Leadership model into your work life.

  • Participate in biweekly Zoom meetings with the whole cohort.

  • Participate in peer-to-peer practice sessions (virtually) 1-2 times per month.

  • Participate in 3 in-person Advanced Natural Leadership Workshops hosted onsite at Take a Chance Ranch. These workshops will each focus on core concepts and themes. You are also encouraged to attend the Introduction to Natural Leadership Workshops as much as you would like, as the experiential training will enhance your learning.

Equine Facilitation Certification

For those wishing to facilitate equine experiences, we offer a certification process. This 9-month cohort experience is required, as well our Circle Up Horsemanship course. Be sure to ask for more information if this is something that might interest you.

Prerequisite Courses

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Facilitated by

Beth Anstandig

Circle Up Head Cowgirl, Owner

Beth Anstandig is changing the way organizations, leaders, and individuals use their power. As a life-long cowgirl, writer, university faculty member, and licensed psychotherapist, Beth has 25 years of experience developing, implementing, and training people in Natural Leadership—a model she pioneered. Natural leadership helps people awaken their innate awareness so they can live and work with more authentic relationships and connection. Beth provides leadership, culture, and well-being programs through The Circle Up Experience. Together with an ever-growing menagerie of animals, Beth works with human herds onsite and online. She’s trained thousands of leaders and teams from some of the most renowned corporations, universities, and nonprofits. Beth’s fresh perspective and work integrating basic animal practices into everyday human life have been featured in global media, including BBC World Service, PBS, and Forbes. She is a frequent podcast guest, contributing writer for MomsRising, and an advisor and content creator for Kahilla: A Basecamp for Women on the Rise. Beth has an MA degree in Clinical Psychology from Santa Clara University and an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Arizona State University. Beth is the author of A Garden of Forking Paths (Pearson Longman, 2006) and The Human Herd: Awakening Our Natural Leadership (Morgan James, 2021). She lives in mid-coast Maine with an expanding community of animal herds.